Incubation Incu-App

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)

Financial aid package valued up to HK$860,000, including HK$320,000 cash grant and HK$540,000 on reimbursement. Also providing Work Premises, Technology Support, Business Support etc for 2 years.
Incu-App is a 2-year Programme aiming to provide startup support to companies working on business innovation during their inception stages. Incubatees will enjoy a full range of tailor-made support services and facilities that will help drive their business to the next level of development.
Financial Aid
  • Targeted Fund: HK$240,000
  • Rental Subsidy: HK$300,000
  • Grant: HK$320,000
  • Total: HK$860,000
  • Target companies
    Companies or startups in the following technology categories are eligible to welcome to apply to join the programme.
  • Electronics
  • Green Technology
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Material and Precision Engineering
  • Benefit
  • Work Premises
  • Technology Support
  • Business Support
  • Financial Aid Package
  • our team

    We are in tech startup industry for years, we took the long way round trying to secure funding & resources, and we got valuable experience, knowledge & connection in the process that can be shared with the community & other SME in Hong Kong

    20+ governement & commercial programs in Hong Kong

    There are lots of grants and funding schemes you can apply. However the application process can be challenging & tedious. We are happy to share our knowledge, help you to build the business proposals and guide you though the application

    our process

    we will try to understand what you need & provide solution



    Through instant messengers, phone call or meeting, we will try to understand what your business is doing and the plan ahead, we are happy to talk and it is absolutely free



    It is perfectly fine if you want to apply for the grants & funding schemes on your own. In case you need professional team to help you to build business plans, we are happy to help and we can discuss on terms



    Once we agree on terms, we will start to develop the business proposal for you, we will invite your input & feedback regularly throughout the process



    After reviewing & finalising the business plan, upon yor approval, we will apply for the grants / funding scheme for you. Alternatively, we can send over the materials and you can take over the application process if you wish


    Affordable & 100% Success Guarantee

    every business proposal is unique, we will figure out how to fill all your needs with lowest cost. We rarely miss and you will get full refund if the application fail


    We are more than a consultant in grants & funding schemes. Our team specialise in developing big data and AI applications, and we have a vast network of connections in tech field across Asia, who might help in your digital transformation journey
    big data
    market intelligence
    data visualisation
    machine learning / artificial intelligence
    responsive web application
    mobile application
    technical SEO